October 3, 2011

Maternity Fashions

So when I got preggers, I started looking at maternity clothes in stores... and was SHOCKED to see the price of them!  On top of that, I didn't so much like how most of them fit :-/. I'm not what you would call a candidate for "skinny jeans" and adding some pregnancy pudge to that definitely didn't help. On top of it ALL, I "popped" about 2 days after we told people I was pregnant, and suddenly needed clothes ASAP!!

So I did what any good crafty, thrifty lady would do: I scoured the internet and made myself some clothes!!

I've been promising to POST about these clothes for quite some time, and today, I made myself do a quick "fashion show" in the new nursery (where the belly-shot camera is) so I could post them for you! Of course, I didn't feel like doing my hair or makeup, so by the power of photoshop, my head is perfectly cropped out of all the photos :-D. Yay technology! And, because this was a "You've been talking about this too long to put it off any longer" project, I didn't wait for good light (not that there's ever really "good light" in that room) so pardon my flash. I'm going to give a "teaser" today of all the fun-ness, and then post quick "how I did it's" throughout the week (I hope).  Warning: these "how I did-it's" will have some skin showing ;) ;) ;) The closest anyone will get to pictures of our little one for a few more months ;).

Now... on to the "how to" posts! :-P



Keeper of Thy Home said...

So need to know how you did those skits/dresses! I went to get ready for church yesterday and realized that I have already OUTGROWN all but one skirt... here's to wearing the same outfit for the next ? weeks!

Betsy said...

A skirt tutorial is scheduled tomorrow, a simple-skirt is scheduled the next day, then three days of pants, and next week will have the two dresses and two shirts! Today has been a blogging day!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhh, I am so lame. I wish I could sew!