July 27, 2010


What's happening? If in 30 days, I have 30 followers, someone will get a $30.00 gift. What is this gift you say? A memory card set the likes of which will soon be featured in my Etsy Shop. It's a big prize for a little blog :) There's a caveat though - I have to have 30 followers by the end of the 30 days... So tell your friends, mention it on YOUR blog, and if you or they like what they see... follow away!! All entries will be done on THIS blog entry and a winner will be chosen at random via a website on August 27th. 30 days, 30 followers, 30 dollars.

These memory cards are pairs of photos are from my "May Flowers" collection on Etsy, and are assorted water lilies. Made entirely by Moi, it's a little bit of love to the lucky winner!!

Entry is super easy and possible THREE different ways! A winner will be chosen at random via a website program.

1) Comment on THIS blog entry! If you like the blog, follow it, but following is not required to win.  Remember though, that the goal is to get 30 followers, so if I don't reach 30... there's no prize :(
2) Go to my Etsy store, and comment HERE what your favorite photo is.
3) Tell me here what KIND of photos you'd LIKE to see in the shop - the kind that might make you buy one. ;)

So tell your friends about this blog and this contest! Remember, unless there are at least 30 followers after 30 days, the cards will get posted on Etsy for 30 dollars instead... so pass the word! Or keep your eyes on my shop and buy them then :-P.


Fidelio said...

Ok, your blog keeps eating my comments. I'm now commenting AGAIN.

"Hi. This is me commenting. My baby follows your blog, but I won't let him go on the internets alone. That should count for another follower.

Also my cat."

Fidelio said...

p.s. It's a tie between "Etch-a-Sketch" and the tumbleweed on the beach.
p.p.s. I want more of the fall leaves pictures. Didn't you have fall leaves on there before? I demand fall leaves.
p.p.p.s. If I'd read directions all the way through before going all nuts on comments, I would only have to make one comment.

Betsy said...

hahaha - i got the notices you commented! Apparently I had it set to moderate comments on posts older than 14 days... it's been changed. But I still don't know where you're third comment went. I think I will count your cat and your baby - it's very important for Internets supervision. lol. You make me smile me friend!!

Betsy said...

AHHHH.. I figured it out. I got notices when you TRIED to comment, and then notices when I accepted the comments. *whew* no more moderation settings, so that won't be an issue again, lol. Fall Leaves. Check. :-P Next month's series will be of fall things!!