July 7, 2010

it's stinkin hot today!!!

So I went outside to mail a few more etsy orders (yay!!!) and on the way in, I decided to stop and weed some of the garden (hubby keeps talking about how it needs to be done, which translates into "Betsy, please weed the garden some day soon" - not really, but HE'S surely not home to do it during the week!). So I stop and manage to pull out TONS of this creeping grass that I noticed has choked out at least one of the bushes that HAD been growing there.

In the process, I noticed I was sweating - because a bead fell off my forehead onto my cheek!

I came in, and took this pic with my webcam, because I was outside, mostly standing still, for less than 30 minutes. I suppose I should have listened to the weather channel people when they said "heat advisory in effect" huh?

At least I got 2 more orders in the mail, and the garden looks a MILLION times better!


Bucket said...

great picture. hahaha

Fidelio said...

Heh heh. A friend of mine just relocated back from the west coast, and asked "So, it doesn't ever get below 50 at night, huh?" Then she had to take me to the hospital when I ruptured something while laughing.