July 23, 2010

It's Promo Day!!

and if you aren't... TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHO ARE!

My buddy Justin wrote a musical. Yup. A MUSICAL. And it's going to be performed at the Fringe Festival in NYC at the Lucille Lortell Theater 5 times!!

And you should go. 

I've seen it with few props, simple costumes, and no "flashy-ness" and it was AH-mazing. I can't WAIT to see it BIG and BOLD and in a theater larger than something like a movie theater (where it originally played)! :-P

Show dates can be found on the Fringe Site or on POPE's website. (There are also links to buying tickets in advance on those sites- which costs EXACTLY the same as buying them at the door - $18.00 a head)

And if you CAN'T go because you're
A) SUPER busy ALL those days
B) lame
C) just don't live in the NYC Metro-ish area

but have a little cash burning a hole in your pocket... be a philanthropist or a benefactor or some other big important sounding name, and give POPE! a chance to be even MORE fabulous than it ALREADY is!!  How, you say? Click HERE and help "kickstart" a musical. You can do it!

Personally, I helped Kickstart, am going to get a CD out of it (other cool gifts for varying donations), AND I'm going to the show. Look at me. :-P

Almost have my contest details worked out - follow along little ones! AND, rumor of a "guest blogger" for the "What's for Dinner" section...

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