July 9, 2010

Zimmer Day

As promised, mostly to Fidelio, the explanation on my favorite holiday EVER. 


First of all, Zimmer is my Grandma's last name. 2nd, this is the 20th Annual "Zimmer Day". It was described VERY well by a visitor this year: Christmas, but in the summertime, and without the stress of gifts.

Basically, we have 9 birthdays that happen between June and July, and Grandma and Grandpa's Anniversary was the 10th. For years, we'd throw a rip-roaring BBQ every year on the Saturday closest to the 10th, but when lil'ol'me moved away, we changed it to 4th of July weekend so I could still come.

So every year at the beginning of July the ENTIRE Zimmer family (or as many as can make it) and whatever friends have become family, or whoever hears about it and feels like coming get together. The entire neighborhood is generally invited so as to avoid the cops being called :-P

Everyone brings a dish, we have a food tent and the grill going all day long, along with lots of beer (and water), tables, chairs, and of course, my uncle's band playing throughout the afternoon. What? Your family parties don't have live bands with the occasional horn band ensemble or small children singing excellently? Funny... then again, you don't have Zimmer Day, do you?

Grandma's house backs up to a GREAT park...big expanse of grass, a baseball diamond, a basketball court, and two little children areas with swings and slides and bouncy toys... it's been the grand kids favorite FOREVER. Multiple trips to the park are expected, as well as a baseball game. And of course, there's tons of running around in the back yard of small and big children alike, and LOTS of lounging and catching up. After dark, Uncle Joe sets off fireworks (that started when I moved away and could bring some home, shh... don't tell!)

For the Zimmer crew, it's a fabulous day that's all about family and EVERYONE being together. Everyone we care about and love, and everyone's invited. So Happy Zimmer Day everyone! Technically, it's tomorrow :-P