March 10, 2010

I can't believe I was this productive!

I got myself moving today and took care of a bunch of Etsy work!! I uploaded a bunch of stuff... completed some unfinished projects and reworked a bunch of my photos. I also reduced some prices, but to make it even MORE exciting - I'm giving a friends and family discount on my items!  Purchase an item through Etsy, make yourself a follower of this blog and make note of it and the friends and family deal in the notes to seller... and get $2.00 back on your purchase!  But do it soon because it only lasts till May 15th!

"They" say you shouldn't put all your stuff up on one day if you can avoid it. I've been such a slacker, that it doesn't really matter. I'd be nice to get people to STAY at the shop for more than 30 seconds, so I need to fill-er up! Especially since most of the stuff is made and sitting in my house waiting! :-P

So today I was able to list...

A white knit fashion tam:


A blue baby tam:
The Brewski Tag:

A wine glass tag:

And one more specialty mat (as well as updating all my old specialty mat photos)


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