March 8, 2010

Nate's Presents

So I'm pretty sure you're supposed to like, span days with your posts, not front-load them all on one day... but I have my ducks in a row today, so you're getting it all darn-it! :-D

My friend Julie is having a little boy Nate soon... and here are some knit bits (although the blanket is crocheted) that he's getting when he makes his arrival :-P

His brown booty (working on this guy's pair) He's also the inspiration for the Almost Chuck's and once I finish his pair and Almost Chuck's pair... I can do the pair of Closer to Chucks :-P lol

Mr. Blue Booty (this one has a pair, it's just with Julie already)

His blankie!!! Crocheted, and way easier than it looks!

Scnazzy artsie shot of the blankie.

And I'm stoked, because I made all these things, and I still get to have people see them, cause they aren't for sale, so I can't put them on Etsy :(. But they can go here!!

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