March 18, 2010


I think... I have a cold. No fun. I'll live however. So since I've been visiting Melissa, I haven't made any dinners lately... and I drove all day yesterday, so I haven't made anything crafty, and I spent today planning a vacation for my sister (OK, just scouring the internet for deals cause I'm awesome like that), so I wasn't that exciting. I did go to Gourmet Club, and had some WONDERFUL food that once I make myself can go up here. But overall, I don't have all that much to share today.

So off I go to cook something for dinner (It may be hot dogs again tonight like it was yesterday :-P) and then finish the second brown booty for Nate and maybe the Almost Chuck for the NEW BABY that showed up earlier this week!!  And then maybe start another set of Chucks because my lovely friend Casey wants some too :-P.  If I'm REALLY lucky and the weather turns nice, I might get a few new crafty pics taken, but we'll have to see about that one...

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