March 9, 2010

Popcorn Chicken Salad!

Last night, we had Popcorn Chicken Salad.  Yes folks, fried chicken that almost LOOKS healthy! The jury is till out as to whether it is or not though...

Notes on the recipe cards below:
-You're basically making a full salad and a full serving of chicken per person... whatever that is for you & yours.
-DEFINITELY use butter - way nummier than oil for pan frying - especially when it's just flour
-We used romaine last night, but I prefer it with spinach
-Colby cheese is my favorite, but cheddar, or any other cheese in your fridge will do well too.
-Keeping the cheese on TOP of the salad makes it melt ever-so-slightly when you throw the chicken on top... mmmmmm... 
-I cannot allow any dressing other than ranch to be used for the eating of this recipe. Except maybe buttermilk ranch. :-P

-Feel Free to let your kids help in the shaking of the chicken bits. I don't suggest the handing off of too many knives to the little ones though :-P
-Can be served family style or with portion control (and veggie controls ;-P) for individual servings.

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