April 9, 2010

a BIG new step!

So... after much odgeda (sp? it's more a sound than a word...) after much... anxiety/nervousness/confusion/etc... I finally figured out how I plan on posting my photos on Etsy. Like, the regular old photo photo's. Not the fancy schmancy specialty mats that were up there already. So it's becoming a photo shop FINALLY. I only put up 8 actual PHOTOS today, but I have another 8 ready to go. It's a process to get them up, so I'm gonna spread the wealth a little bit.

So they're up there as ACEO - Art Collecting Cards essentially. $0.75 each, and then there's some listings for the standard size prints. Hopefully I'll quickly get up the "Photo" listings for standard size photos and a listing for greeting cards, then people can look at the photos, and order the size/type they want - without doing the whole custom order thing (which is great, because customers don't seem to be SUPER psyched about having to do everything custom-wise).

With any luck, I'll get the other 8 photos for "April's Pathways Series" up and the other ones up and you'll all decide that they're awesome and you need some 8x10's for your house. :-P

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