April 19, 2010

What's for dinner? Crackers :(

So I got a request last week to post my famous "Nutmeg Chicken" on here today. Well, needless to say, the weekend hasn't gone as I expected, and you're not getting Nutmeg Chicken this week.  Why you ask? It all boils down to a nice little cooking tip that I thought was generally well-known. When cooking meat - especially for other people, you must continue cooking until the meat has reached at LEAST the minimum temperature that is considered "safe"... even if you're going to take it out and let it rest for a while (where cooking continues to happen). If you don't... people get sick. People like me. boooooo. At least, that's what I THINK caused this  illness that started on Thursday. I had food cooked by other people on Thursday, and by 4:00, my standard snack time, all I wanted was Triscuits. No cheese... just crackers. For dinner? I had a bowl of cheerios. Hmmm... something's not right here. Maybe I'm dehydrated? So Friday, I drink 48ish ounces of Gatorade, but I'm not feeling any better. Cheerios for breakfast, a nibble at another luncheon, and a peanut butter sandwich for dinner. Not good, but seems better. By the time 4am hits, I'm bowing to the porcelain idol. No fun. Saturday was a little better - I didn't want to eat, but I wasn't feeling like I was going to die. Sunday? Finally, I'm hungry! awesome! Not. The world goes bad on me - in my worn down state of food poisoning, I've picked up a stomach bug, and I'm thinking "I should go to a doctor. The box on my Pepto says go to a doctor. I feel like I'm going to die."  However today, I finished another thing of Gatorade and a sleeve of crackers, I've moved to the couch, and I don't think I'm going to die before tomorrow. Needless to say, I'm betting that I won't be in the mood to look up pictures of my Nutmeg Chicken, or even think about writing the recipe until at LEAST the end of the week. Chances are, you won't WANT to hear about any misadventures on Wednesday either :-P

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Noelbelle said...

oh man bets I hope you feel better soon :)

Looking forward to the nutmeg chicken recipe!