April 29, 2010

Friday Post on Thursday :-P

So I was hoping I'd get to type here that I was a MASTER PAINTER and got ALL the paintings I was "supposed" to do this week *cough*month*cough* done. Instead, I decided to learn first-hand what one of the medieval torture methods felt like. And to think... I managed to do it while painting. I'll pause on that so people can stop reading later if they have weak stomachs ;). Needless to say, we ate well this week (What's for dinners to be blogged about... mmmmmm), but I did not get many paintings done. Only 8 more to go and then the big reveal this summer :-P I'm hoping for at least 1 tomorrow... but then it's gotta pause until after the move. At least they aren't taking as long to dry as I expected...

As far as Etsy goes, I have gotten a few questions as to some images, and a few sales (yay!) but had to raise my prices (boo!) hopefully it doesn't hurt the sales. I was TRULY giving stuff away ;)

I did finish another pair of BOOTIES for a friend of a friend. The yarn was so soft and silky! They feel fabulous!

So that's my crafty-ness this week... if icky owie things make you go "blech!" Stop reading here. It's been nice, see you next week. :-P

So medieval torture. I ripped my fingernail off. Not the whole thing (fortunately) and amazingly, I didn't even "break" the nail. I just ripped it off 1/4 of the way. OW!  I was trying to push paint out of a tube (old paint... OLD tube... not a good combo) and so I was using the table to push on it - like you do with the last of the toothpaste? And my hand slipped, and slammed into the table. And apparently, my fingernail went in the opposite direction as my finger. (makes ME cringe typing it. GROSS) I jerked back quickly, grabbed my hand, gasped, looked down, and was not comforted by the sight of blood. DARNIT! So I trimmed off my fingernail as close to my finger tip as I could ( I thought it was broken and wanted the smallest "flap" I could manage to have to deal with) and threw some antibiotic ointment and a couple of bandaids on before grabbing an ice pack and retreating to my comfiest chair with my hand over my head. I proceeded to sit like that the rest of the day, because I was now grumpy, in pain and mad that I didn't finish my painting. And that's no way to try and finish a portrait. This morning after my shower, I was brave enough to CAREFULLY remove the nail polish and discover that I did NOT break it (which is good - no flap) but i did trim it REALLY low - so I'm going to be uncomfortable for a few weeks now. Awesome. I was a little bummed that it wasn't gross - it looks like a regular finger nail still... just tender. I like it when my owies LOOK owie.  Plus, I was excited to possibly enter it in to the Hunduddle Hussy's Road Kill Contest (knowing full well it wouldn't win, but thought it might give the Hussy a chuckle) So that is why I'm not finishing my paintings. It's PART of the reason I didn't paint today (I didn't paint today because I got sidetracked) and I might use it as an excuse to not paint tomorrow. We'll see.

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