April 7, 2010

Doughnut Day!

So today's "Misadventure" is sadly not truly mine :(.
It normally would be, but Hubby and I didn't go to my parents for Easter this year, so we missed
(the 2nd best day of the year in my opinion... following Zimmer Day - another family holiday)  

However, Sister was kind enough to pass along picture messages all day of the progression of the donuts. The story goes that my Grandma makes these German doughnuts for Easter every year, and all the girls get together and make doughnuts.
(there were boys this year, because all the girl grand kids are either big enough to not be home, or too little to be trusted, but I'm thinking this isn't the best idea, because knowledge of the fabulousness of doughnuts on doughnut day is getting out among our male population... which is significantly larger than our female population. Which could easily lead to no doughnuts on Easter...) 

It used to truly need to be a group activity in order to beat the dough for 30 minutes!! But now that there's Kitchenaid, it's a little easier :-P

And before you get TOO excited... 
You don't get a "Misadventures" and a "What's for Dinner" on the same day. 
This is, in my opinion, still a secret family recipe :0D.

So first, you mix all the doughnut batter for a LONG time, and then let it rise
 Until it nearly spills out the bowl!

Then you cut the dough into doughnuts and put them to sleep for a while...

This is part of the reason the little kiddo's must stay away from Gramma's... 
no touching the table and NO PEEKING!!  
They need their rest if they're going to be as delicious as they are. 
And one must be QUIET when the doughnuts are rising 
(mostly because where there is noise, there is fun, and where there is fun, there is motion, and where there is motion, there is FLAT DOUGHNUTS... noooooooooooooooo)

Here is Cousin (#12) learning the way of the doughnut. 
In order to EAT a doughnut on Doughnut Day (when they are BEST) 
one must WORK for it. 
This is about when Sister became a crazy "German Lady" 
wandering the kitchen in an apron with a spatula, threatening to smack any hands that came too close to an undeserved doughnut.
"NEIN!! Go Away! No Doughnuts for you!" :-D

These... are the fried doughnuts as they finished Doughnut Day
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Deliciousness.

And THIS is what they look like when you eat them. 
Rolled in granulated sugar... delicious, sugary air. 

And I'll tell you, I loved being "included" in Doughnut Day, but not so much on the 
comments I got on my cell phone and facebook. 
I might scream if someone tells me once more about  
how good 
these fabulous doughnuts that I didn't get to eat any of. 

As it is... I might be heading to the store to find the ingredients this week... :-P


Robert said...

I really shouldn't admit this, but they were the BEST ever.


Betsy said...


Fidelio said...

Tell me about Zimmer Day. If this is only second best, I have got to meet your family. NOW.

Betsy said...

hahahaha - Zimmer Day is in July... I'll be sure to document and blog appropriately when it comes. However... as far as food goes? Nothing is better than these doughnuts. :-P