April 16, 2010

I feel extra crafty this week!

Extra Crafty Week! Got some good stuff up on Etsy, and got some WONDERFUL comments (though not on here :-P) Spent some time at the craft store on base, and did a LOT of painting! The project is a surprise, but when it's finished, I will DEFINITELY share.

I'm also realizing how busy the next bit of time is going to be!

AND... I've been posted on another blog!!  A meditation blog writer found my goodies on Etsy and asked if she could work it into her blog... so a bit of free advertisement! Fabulous!!  You can see the article/blog/plug here.

AND I sold some artwork! whoo hoo! It's a GOOD WEEK! This is the first artwork I've sold on Etsy :) I'm liking it!!

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