April 2, 2010

My Etsy Adventures this week!

So I knew that after last week, I had to SOMETHING with my Etsy-Adventures. So I got the blog all blinged out with links to my Picasa galleries and instructions on how to buy marvelous stuff from me! (note the new pages to your right :-P) And I made sure that all my artwork was listed as "Fine Art" so people MIGHT actually SEE it when they search now?  (Here's hoping at least).

I also investigated the Alchemy archives and bid on a few people's requests. It was enlightening to see what people were asking for. I sometimes wish I could actually be focused enough to really hone in on one medium... but what fun is that? I suppose you need to be famous before you can be really successful at things that are all over the place... like these celebrities who have fragrance collections, and reality celebrities who went from tabloid news to fashion designers somehow.

Either way, I DID get a new posting up. My Military Thank You Cards! (also available with any artwork found in the Picasa Gallery)

Isn't it marvelous!?! :-P

So check out my gallery, and let me know what you think. 
Which art piece is your favorite?

1 comment:

Birdie said...

I love the thank yous! And one medium IS boring...keep it saucy! :)