April 30, 2010

I sold a photo... I sold a photo...

Apparently, my photos as photos are better than my photos as super-cool mats. :-P


I'm pretty stoked about the "Saturday shoppers" out there, being as I have gotten an order each of the last two weekends. Hopefully they'll order when I'm HOME on a weekend too!
Maybe later this week, I'll even post a few more pictures. 

The one thing that I'm NOT liking, is that in order to get a matte photo printed, I have to wait like, a week. Because there are NO PHOTO SHOPS in east-jabib-j-action-ville. Just Walgreen's and Walmart, and those both do matte (or luster) by mail only. What the heck? Ok, OK, there's the "Flash Foto" booth next to the sketchy bar attached to the tattoo parlor (I wish I was kidding), but I'm wary pulling into the parking lot, let alone walking up to the window.

I really hope that when we get to Virginia, there's a "regular" photo shop nearby... if not, oh well. Walmart will have to do.

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