March 14, 2011

Monday Monday!

It's my official first Monday Monday today! Lets hope all my doo-dads and gadgets work!

SO, is going to help me this morning by picking (in 2 rounds) what photo goes up here with a special-deal button! And we have...

Gallery                                Image
Image 8-3... Train Tracks! From the Pathways Gallery

So if my gizmo's work, you should be able to order discounted items from these buttons to a shopping cart... which means there is no limit to the quantity/type!  You can also shop from the full-priced versions on the website to the same shopping cart (only pay shipping once!). So shop away, or make sure to check back next Monday for a different random sale!

**Sale Over :(. Buttons Removed 3-21-11** 
Check out this week's Monday Monday for the current weekly sale!

The buttons will  be were removed from this post when the next Monday Monday post comes came out (next  this Monday silly!). Only purchases made from THESE buttons will have the discount. Purchases from will be full price, even if this image is selected.Oh, and you have to be ON the blog to click the button... sorry Reader readers :-P.


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