March 22, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday - Daffodils!

So I've been staring at this yellow mass that just APPEARED in my yard this week, and hadn't gone over to investigate until the other day... it's Daffodils!  It's too early for Daffodils! Well, apparently not here... so I took some shots, and this is my favorite "Touch Up" one :)

SOOC (Straight Out of Camera)

Edited with Pure Photoshop Action's Summer Color (found them on Facebook!)

 I was amazed how nicely it came out - I'd never used actions before. The only thing I changed from their action was get rid of "Soften" cause I like my photos really crisp :-P

And that's it! Linking up with Paper Heart Camera Today!
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Sheri said...

Such a pretty daffodil!

Betsy said...

Thanks Sheri!