March 10, 2011

Thing Thursday

So I've decided to stop being lazy for Lent. This is including things like: actually doing some sort of workout every day... flossing my teeth before bed every night... actually completing the things on my "to-do" list instead of pushing them off... and also, because I've decided it will be fun... blogging every day. There's all this STUFF I want to share, and all this FUN I'm beginning to find as I network through the internets...  SO, I've got themes for each day of the week to help me post. At least through Lent. Which started yesterday. Which is when I decided to do this :-P.

SO, HERE you will find a list of what's happening on each day here at Something Betsy. I'll probably just link there every day for the newbies who find the blog to see what my (fairly lax) rules are. And if anyone wants to join me in any of these fun games... feel free! There is one linky I'm going to enter each week, and for the others, feel free to post in the comments a link back to your blog on whatever THING or recipe, or sale or what-have-you that YOU'RE posting about!

Today, is my first Thing Thursday. So I'm sharing the yoga sock that inspired Thurdsay's being about THINGS. (Aka, random posts).

I'm knitting these myself... 

This might take a while.


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