March 7, 2011

Tea-pot sweater :-D

So the other day, I shared with you my (failed) attempt to knit a tea-cozy.  It ended up looking more like a hospital gown... not quite fitting all the way around, and a little short. It also had this odd... stem... on top. SO, I ripped it out and tried again :)

Isn't this much cuter!!

The project was done flat (not in the round) as an adaptation from this.  I learned to do the prime rib knit from the lovely "Meg" who wrote the patterns, but I didn't follow her tea cozy pattern for this project.

Since my tea pot had straight sides, I just knit in prime rib in enough stitches to make it around the pot (45) until it reached the top portion of the where the spout meets the pot. I bound off 3 stitches in the middle (21-23), and on the way back, used the loop cast on method to put them back on the needle. Then I continued with the prime rib stitch until I reached the height up to the lid. There, I switched to 3 rows of regular rib, then a few rows of knit two together (k2tog). I made sure the "hole" that was left would fit over the lid's knob, and left a nice long tail to stitch the side up. The trick there is to not get too excited and only sew to where the handle should be, then down one side of the edging until the bottom of the handle, before sewing the bottom together, and Ta-Da! It took 2 sittings worth of knitting or so, and my teapot now has a cute little sweater!



Robert said...

You still sound like an engineer.

Fidelio said...

Must. Buy.

Give. Me. Prices.

Betsy said...

Dad, I AM still an engineer ;) I'm just not paid for it :-P

Silly Fidelio. I'd need a picture of your tea-pot and dimensions.... or when I someday come to visit you... a few hours of access to your teapot while we chat. lol. If you'd like, we can try the first version and see if it works. Maybe "customer service" will pay for the trip to your house if it doesn't work... or if you aren't "completely satisfied" :-P hahahahaha.