March 15, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday!

So as I mentioned here and explain here it's time for Touch Up Tuesday! This past weekend I got to go to my cuz's hockey game!!  I had a great time with my schnazzy new Nikon D7000 and it's super-high ISO settings, and got a ton of cool shots... but this one, although great out of the camera, begged to be "messed with". It was a simple "messed with" - generally I use Picassa, except when I have to use Photoshop. This was done entirely in Picassa.

Step 1: I'm feeling Lucky fix.
Step 2: Focal Black and white - I sharpened it all the way, but you can't really tell because there wasn't much color in the areas around the boys anyway.

Simple, and I like it!

I'm linking up with Paper Heart Camera today... feel free to join me!


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