March 28, 2011

Monday Monday!

Ya know, I originally was going to call this post series "Money Monday"... but it just didn't sound right to me. And now... whenever I write the title...

I sing it.

ANYWHO, A new week... a new photo. AND a little add-on to my Monday Monday game.
From now on, I'd like you to play WITH me every week! The Monday Monday Picture will be chosen (still via from your comments! (aka, next week's photo will be from this week's comments). So go browse the website, pick a photo (or 6) and leave a comment with the Gallery/Image #/Title. No limits and it can all go in one comment (on this post). Yes, it's that easy :).

If no one plays with me... I'll pout, and go back to the old way until someone DOES play :(.

So THIS week will hopefully be the last "old way" week...

Gallery                               Image
Yummy Stripes

**Yummy Stripes sale is now over. Check out this week's Monday Monday post to find out what's 10% off now!**


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