February 28, 2011

Knit Bit Accident

So I'm going to start off by saying that if you aren't following Justin Moran's The Spidey Project yet... you should ;). And you should tell your friends. They've gotten a TON of press and rehearsals have started. Tickets will be FREE and you can buy them online!! They'v also been nominated for the 2011 INNY Awards!!  (feel free to vote for "Made Up Musical" in section 5, "The Spidey Project" in section 7, the Magnet Theater in section 10, The Pit or The Magnet Theater in section 14 (The PIT is where Spidey will be performed, the Magnet is where it will be rehearsed), The PIT again for section 15, The Magnet for section 16, and Armando Diaz for section 18... if you needed any suggestions ;-P)

And now for our regularly scheduled programming...

I'm going to attempt to be a little better at the blogging this week... we shall see. I was HOPING to put up a post today about my fabulous tea-cozie I knitted... except when I was done... well...

Fabulous Tea Cozie?

Or hospital-gown accident?

This one looks like it'll deserve a second attempt. Mind you - this is the 3rd tea-cozie I've attempted... and this is the closest I've gotten. I WILL get it one day! hahahaha


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