February 16, 2011

Recipe Calendar

A while back (like, years? ago), I made a recipe calendar. It wasn't HARD, but it wasn't easy enough for me to make another one... yet. And I totally planned on it. I was 100% going to give one to my old neighbor before we moved... but... it didn't happen.

When I use my calendar, my days go like this: Wake up, check recipe behind today's date, pull meat out of freezer... go about my day. Put meat back in fridge after it's thawed later that day (sorry food police, I'd need to take my chicken breasts out 2 days early to thaw them in the fridge... which I suppose is easier with the calendar, but still not what happens). Dinner time? OH! Ok, pull out recipe, stick to magnet on my hood, chop/mix/cook/etc... DINNER! (around 6ish)

What happens when I DON'T use my calendar. Wake up, go about my day, some time between 2 and 4pm "crap! I forgot to defrost something!" - Throw something in a bowl of water, continue about day... "crap! I forgot to figure out what I was doing with _____" look in fridge, pull out whatever's left behind in there... mix it together into something we've probably eaten recently and dinner goes on the table around... 7:30. oops.

Why don't I spend the 30ish minutes at the beginning of the month figuring out my SUPER EASY TO USE calendar? I don't know. I think the holidays happened. That's what I'm blaming it on at least :-P

Needless to say, hubby dinged me on it last night... so I just sat down (with my lunch of chili and chips) and figured out dinners for the next 2 weeks. It should help significantly with the grocery shopping for the 2nd half of the month too... it's nice when you know what ingredients you need until the next time you go shopping (and what you can look for on sale ;-P)

It's always good to have a few recipes like these...

and a few cards like this...

And now that I'm done... this is what we're having for dinner tonight :)

I'm planning on making a tutorial in case you'd like to make one yourself! (and since this will require me to make a new one... I'll probably need to DO something with it. Comment with ideas ;-P) Some of my ideas are "hold a random entry giveaway" "Give it to your old neighbor silly goose!" and "Hold a 'why I should get it' Giveaway". Shoot me more! MORE I say!


Bucket said...

Cute idea.

Betsy said...

Thanks! Not only does it get dinner on the table faster, it makes sure we aren't eating the same thing all the time. Oh, and it also helps in figuring out how old the leftovers are... lol.

Bucket said...

Haha. It usually goes like this here:

me: chris, when did i make chicken?
chris: idk, two days ago?
me: no, we had pizza then
chris: oh... i don't know
me: i'll just toss it.