February 11, 2011


As per usual, I wrote a blog post, and didn't finish it... so hopefully all my grammar checks out...

So I had a "snow day" yesterday. Which is funny to me, considering that I only "work" at the thrift shop one day a week... and I've had two snow days this year. I'm beginning to wonder if the children in this town EVER go to school. Fortunately, I don't have to worry about any bored little ones yet, so my snow days are still exciting to me.

So I spent the day getting all sorts of things done that have been pushing all the OTHER things down on my to-do list. Including a secret project, which I'm super psyched to tell you all about... but... then it wouldn't be a secret. I probably shouldn't even mention that I'm DOING this secret project, but I'm too psyched about it. Objective: scanning. I spent LOTS and LOTS of time with the scanner.

I also printed up and worked on all varieties of STUFF for my PHOTO SHOW tomorrow today. Which I'm also super psyched about. I'm even cooking up some things I've thought of, but haven't made available yet. We'll see how they're received tonight. They take a little more than the other stuff to put together, so we'll make sure people want them before they're available on the inter webs. HOWEVER, they are not secret, and so I will TELL you about them. (And they are available through special order- aka, an e-mail to me)

One, I put together a Memory Game. I've made one before, but here we go with try #2. I even put together a new "set" for them: The Crayon Set :-P Can you guess why?!?!

I also put together a few glass coasters. I figured I'd throw some green in them for St. Pat's next month, but you can totally switch the photos out to match the seasons if you wanted.

And then I made some more magnets... cause why not?

SO I've got this funky purse I got for FREE at the thrift store. I'm not sure WHY it was free... but it was definitely in the "free" pile. And I've loaded it up with note cards, and greeting cards, and catalogs and magnets and business cards and order forms and coasters and a memory set. I'm all set for my little "Vendor Table" at the pampered chef show tonight! Or is it tomorrow... ;)



Fidelio said...

Please please please please please put that purse in a giveaway.

I want it.

I need it.

I covet it.

Betsy said...

The purse? Or all the product IN the purse? ;)

***** said...

Everything looks so good!! Your photos, your magnets and memory games...really really amazing. You are so talented. xoxo