February 2, 2011

Comments Please

I just wanted to share with you all,  
now that I'm in  "super-bloggy" mode, and want to write about something like, EVERY DAY... 
that I realized that some of you COULDN'T post comments for a while there.

You can now. 

At some point, I was messing with settings, 
and made it so only people with a google account could post comments. 
Which obviously, is not everyone in the world,
like I must have been thinking.
SO...ANYONE can now post. 
Sorry to those who wanted/tried/ignored me for a while thinking I didn't love you. 
I was just silly, and didn't realize it until my sister confessed she didn't comment 
"because she wasn't allowed". 
 I thought she was crazy. 
She wasn't. 


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