February 22, 2011

Hi again.

So I'm quickly learning, that I'm not very creative in the "titling" category.Oh well! It's been a bit since I've posted, so I figured I'd drop in and say hi again. Hence the post title.

My parents came to visit us this weekend and everyone  had a really good time! Dad is very impressed with the new camera, and we're working on switching over from my current server, to a more "Webmaster Friendly" version :-P. I got to be a side-vendor at another Pampered Chef show and was happy to fill a few orders!! YAY!  Next week: Premier Jewelry side vendor. I'm liking these direct-sales-partying-friends!

As far as SomethingBetsy stuff goes, I'm looking for a new virtual shopping cart. Pay Pal doesn't let you use coupon codes (and I know you all want coupons), and it doesn't allow for multiple shipping options :-/. So if anyone has any ideas... I'm GLAD to listen!  That, and working on a few other tweaks has been keeping me pretty busy, but on the to-do list is to find some spring craft shows in the area. All the ones that look good are REALLY far away :-/ and with bad timing for me to go :-/.

And because I'm bad of letting holiday's go... a dozen roses :-P Because they're STILL so beautiful!! (These are the Valentines Day flowers... that I took today!)

Don't forget to comment on ideas for the Recipe Calendar that will come out of the Tutorial (if you want to help me test the tutorial... give a shout too) AND, continue to check out Justin's Spidey-Project. They're getting ALL SORTS of press today!


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