February 14, 2011

Valentines Flowers!!

Last night was a little rough. 
I've been praying for a little over a year now for something 
(those close to me know what it is), 
and it felt REALLY far away last night. 
I didn't sleep well, and woke up in a foul mood, 
but dragged myself to the gym this morning for Yoga. 
Yoga helped, but let me tell you... 

...coming home to that 1-800-Flowers box on the front porch... 
put the biggest smile on my face. 

Not only did I get a bunch of roses...

But Calla Lilly's too :-P
And I got all excited... and got my click on with my new camera (and the 64GB of memory I got as my Valentine's present!). I got all the way to page 225 in the manual last night too... so much closer to having a handle on this camera!

And that makes me smile.

P.S. If it's in your inclination, I would gladly accept a few prayers for my sanity, comfort, and luck.  Oh! and P.P.S... don't forget to check out Justin's blog and pass along his video! 28 days...

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