February 8, 2011

Crisis or Catharsis?

This morning, while I was going through my morning ritual, it occurred to me that some of the blogs I read have SO MANY readers. And while I'm not as astonished by the blogs of people I DON'T know, I wonder about the bloggers I DO know. It's gotta be thrilling. I mean, who wouldn't love to know that there are hundreds of people potentially reading your blog every time you post? And who doesn't love getting little comments proving so? 

Every so often I try and find a direction for this blog, because... it really doesn't have one, and I feel like it should. But why? I don't have a solid direction... and I don't really want one right now either. There are so many things that make up "me" and I don't like the idea of pushing one to the side to let another one take over. I know, I know... it's supposed to say "flourish" - but I don't always see it that way. This is my personal identity crisis. Not a bad one, if I do say so myself. And you'll have to admit, that for right now, Photography has taken over as my "flourishing" interest, so it must not be a taxing crisis.

So while there is part of me that really wishes I had HUNDREDS of readers (because I <3 quiet attention)... nothing around here is going to change. I'm still going to shamelessly plug SomethingBetsy.com (see!), and throw in the random recipe I think up (even though lately, I've been going back to the blog to use my own old ones instead of making new ones) and if I ever get my knitting needles back out, photos of the darling things I make. It'll still be a blog mainly of "somethings Betsy".

I AM going to try and make sure there is at LEAST one photo per blog entry however. Today's is a sneak peek (although I'm not sure how sneaky - depending on how productive I am in the next hour :-P). It's another photo-set to be available VERY soon. (probably now-ish by the time you read this).

S3-6 Roses Set

Happy Early Valentines Day!  
orders placed through tomorrow should arrive in time for Valentines day by the way ;)


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Fidelio said...

More recipes. Many more recipes. Like, ones that use alcohol. I demand.