February 1, 2011


You know how they have those radio contests for tickets and such? 
"Be the 9th caller!" 
"Answer these 3 questions right and you can qualify for..." 

I'm holding an internet-version :-P. 
I'll be the first to admit that some of my photo titles are.... a bit lame
Alaska 9? 
I have 9 photos that the only thing I can come up with for a title is 
Even lamer that I have 11 "Alaska's".

SO, If you can think of a new name for a numbered photo 
(Like, Alaska 9, or Kaaterskill 6), 
and I decide I like it enough to change the title to it, 
I'll send you ANY note-card for FREE
And I won't even use it to thank you :-P. 
It'll be blank and with a blank envelope so that YOU can use it... 
to thank ME for my generosity of course ;).

So you're now wondering how to enter your fabulous titles, right? Easy.
Contact me through the web-site with...

1) Your Name. 
example: Betsy Hackett
2) The title of the piece and it's image#. 
example: Alaska 9, 5-18
3) Your NEW title name.  
example: I'm SO lame.
4) Your Address in case I like it, and you win. 
example: 123 Sesame Street, Fairytale Island, PBS, 07734  
(that zip code is hello upside down on a calculator for those who didn't notice :-P)
 5) The title and image # of the note card you want .
(cause maybe you don't want a note card of Alaska 9)
example: Alaska 4, 10-10

And if I decide I like your title enough to rename the photo... you'll get a note-card in the mail, and a photo as your name-sake :-P

You can continue to submit entries for as many numbered titles as you can find on the site, until there aren't any left. Oh, and there's no "end date" here. If I get lame again and don't come up with good titles in the future... the deal's still good ;)

You can also blog-stalk if you find photos on HERE that haven't been named and haven't made it to the site yet. 
(Hint: You can also look out for when I post "new images" posts and get your e-mail on)


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