February 9, 2011


So starting a new business is exciting. I'm coming up with all these new ideas, learning what makes sense to people who don't live in my brain all day, and managing to mesh math and art. It's refreshing.

That doesn't mean I have all the answers however... SO

Questions for you, my faithful and loyal readers :).

1) Should I change the name of the "Gift Cards" and "Gift Tags" to "Mini Cards" and "Mini Tags"?
I mean, I did have to order "Mini Envelopes" for them... And I think that "Gift Cards" already have their own connotation (like, another name for a Gift Certificate for example).

2) Should all my "Mini Cards" (because I'm probably going to change that unless I get a resounding "NO!" from... someone.) come with envelopes? Or should I offer them with and without envelopes? I suppose it really does depend on what you want to do with them. Like, they'd look pretty cool all matted together as a collage... or you might want to actually use them as CARDS, to like, put on gifts. So both... unless, again, a "NO" From someone (All caps will be required ;-P)

3) Does the home-page of the website need a little "welcome" note? Maybe something along the lines of

Welcome to Something Betsy!
We hope you'll enjoy looking at the galleries
and find some artwork for your home, or as gifts. 
Please take some time to look at the detailed descriptions
of each product type and some of the
sets we have available for purchase. 
Or, if you'd like, make a set of your own 
by contacting us . Enjoy!

4) What's a good name for this photo? 
- name me something witty -


1 comment:

Fidelio said...

"Mini" everything sounds so cute! Do it!

Yeah, always include the envelopes. I might not use an entire set with their envelopes, but I'd rater have them and not need them, than want them and not have them.

The welcome note is clever, but I really like showing up and immediately getting the slideshow of pictures (btw, what is that thing? is it flash? it loads so fast...). I focus on the art, I get drawn in, I sit there and see what's coming next. Welcome probably not needed, imho.