February 12, 2011

Attention Attention!

I have a favor to ask of whoever is willing... The favor is simple, and that is... tell your friends about this crazy project I'm about to tell YOU about.

A good friend of mine just started a project, and I am really excited about it. Why? Because he's a fabulous musical writer, and has decided to take on this project - a challenging, interesting project. He's decided to write, produce and put on a musical, in NYC... in 30 days. Starting with NO money, NO script, NO score, NO actors, NOTHING but a facebook video and determination. Why? The new Spiderman Musical... which cost $65million dollars and was apparently not that fabulous? Was a disappointment to Justin. So before he criticizes, he's going to try and make one himself.

Check out his starting video and blog HERE.

If you're interested in helping, in whatever capacity... he's willing to accept help. If you can pass it along to friends who might decide that THEY want to help in whatever capacity - that counts! I can't wait to see the newest Spiderman Musical in NYC this March ;).

This Guy.

His last, fabulously successful, musical.


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