February 7, 2011

blargh. Moving on! :)

**need to gripe. Keeping it short. And small. Skip if you don't want to hear it ;)**
It was a rough morning at the gym. I know, because I ended up crying before I left. And because I just titled this post "blargh" and I haven't used that word in a LONG time. The gym was ok, except that I discovered that I was lied to. Again. AND after a rather strenuous 2 hours of Pilates and Zumba to boot, which didn't make it any better. Blargh. BUT, I am home now, I will re-read their contract for the 52nd time shortly, and hopefully find some reason to rekindle my affection for the place, cause otherwise... I'm getting ALL my money back and buying some Zumba and Yoga tapes. SO THERE HA! So now that I've shed my cranky pants... I've decided the rest of the day is going to be good. (after all, it was only about 45 minutes of grrr to begin with)

I'm stoked.
1) The website has been de-glitched and pretty-fied!


2) My negative scanner has become more familiar to me again (which means more archives can make it to the site sooner than later)

3) I went to a pampered chef party last night, and one of the guests asked me to bring my stuff over for her next week to look at! (Now I need to create a little more stock, lol)

4) I finally cleaned off my hard-drive of last year's photos (to the external)!

5) I found a way to make a bare-bones catalog (good, since I apparently have "show" next week)

6) I'm determined to finish reading the manual to my new camera, because the more I read, the "easier" it becomes to use (it's OH SO customizable!!)

7) Multiple people have asked if/how they can buy photos :-P. Which is good and bad. Apparently, it's not QUITE intuitive enough (bad) but people want them!! (good!)

** side note: this got saved as a draft instead of being published on Friday. Whoops. I hope you'll keep me ;) **


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