February 5, 2011

Fun little gadgets

I'm dumb. I found this old blog post from a while back. Like, a month ago. Which I didn't post, cause I didn't have pictures to put in it. OH well... you're getting a picture-free post instead. Late. 
I'm super psyched.

Hubby's getting got me a new camera for Christmas. :-D

Yes, I know Christmas was a ways back at this point, but I got an IOU under the tree with an adorably cute drawing (even my hubby has the artistic skills).

(supposed to have a picture here. never took it. Sorry :-/)

He didn't know which camera I wanted most, which ended up being good, cause we're NOT getting the camera I had dreamed and wished for... we're getting the newer one :-P. I'm going to have to read the manual on this sucker.

I'll be sure to post pictures with and from it when it gets here in the mail... which is it's own Odyssey in itself.
quickly: it was ordered, just like all the other Christmas presents, from Amazon, but somehow mailed to our OLD address - in NC. We managed to call enough people to get it re-routed (because honestly... if you received a top-of-the-line camera, would YOU return it?) so once it gets BACK to Amazon and we get our refund, we'll order it again, and have it shipped to the RIGHT house. And cross our fingers that the battery really is returned, cause what use is THAT without the camera? We hope. I DID post about THAT, which probably makes more sense having seen THIS. Which I thought I posted... and didn't.

But with this camera and note, and support on the new website and official business starting... I'm finding some inspiration to make a wholehearted effort at this venture. And THAT is why I'm writing today: I found an internets gadget, to help all you college students, and office workers, moms, and all the others out there who find their time drained by facebook and gmail (but never blogger, of COURSE! haha ).

It works with Mozilla as an Add-on, and it's called LeechBlock. You can enter any number of websites in, give time frames in which you can't access the website and you can also set limits on how MUCH time you spend on these sites. So you don't have to GIVE UP Facebook or gmail or whatever else sucks your time away from you, and get a friendly little reminder that you SHOULD be doing something else.

I have mine set for no Facebook throughout the day, and only 15 minutes of Gmail an hour. Lets hope this gets Mr. Website ready for final tweaking by the true Daddy-O of Webmastering by Friday.
*It didn't get the wesbsite done by that Friday, but it is pretty stinkin useful when you have other things you need to be doing. Not that it's actually ACTIVATED on my computer anymore... but it's there in case I find myself glued to the computer again for poor reasons.


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